ESL Worksheet: New Year Resolutions

Hey English Teachers! Welcome back. It’s a new year and we are ready to kick your classes back into high gear.

Here you’ll find quick New Year Resolution ice breaker, video, and ESL worksheet to get your English Students talking about their New Year Resolutions…while motivating them to study more English.

Step 1. New Year’s Game – Picture this Resolution

Hand out 4 to 6 slips of paper to each student and ask them to write a New Year’s resolution on each. Mix them up and put them in a bag or hat. Divide your students into two teams. Each student has to take a resolution from the bag and draw it on the board, without using any words or speaking at all. His or her teammates have to guess what the resolution is. The team that guesses the most wins. – BusyTeacher

Step 2. New Year Resolution Video on EnglishCentral

Here’s a quick video to warm them up. Then hand out the worksheet below. Watch the ESL video a couple of times to make sure your students understand all the vocabulary.

Use the ESL video (click the link if the video doesn’t show up above) to warm your English students up and get them talking as a group and in pairs as you see fit (and depending on the amount of class time you have available.

Step 3: Hand Out The TEFL Worksheet

ESL worksheet on New Years resolutions

New Years Resolution (by hebedesign)

Once your students are warmed up, hand out the ESL worksheet below to each of your students. There’s basically four parts to the worksheet.

  1. Teach (or remind) students how to structure their sentences in the simple future tense.
  2. Talk about common New Year Resolutions that people set.
  3. Have students write out several of their own resolutions…or set some if they haven’t yet.
  4. Have them work in pairs to create resolutions for other people for extra practice.

You can also use the “New Year’s Resolutions English Worksheet – Speaking, Reading and Vocabulary Practice for Adult Students” if you need more ESL activities for an intermediate level students.

If you have any questions or feedback, leave them in the comments below.


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TEFL Course at XOK English – TPR Quiz

Okay English teachers!

Here goes the video for you guys to watch during this training program. This is the accompanying video from the teacher training class on day 1 of the TEFL course when we were covering the principles of teaching with TPR and the theory behind the method.

Watch the TPR video that David recorded from a previous training session, since today we’ll be covering the practical aspects of teaching with Total Physical Response.

Don’t forget to read chapter 4 from “Learning Another Language Through Actions” as well to better understand TPR and how to apply it with your basic English students.

And then the quiz for you guys to take. Please insert your email and name. The results will be seen at the end of the quiz and automatically be sent to the registered e-mail address.

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If you can’t see this quiz click here

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